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AA Stables
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AA Stables

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AA Stables is among the most affordable horseriding harbours you can find in Cairo. A great choice for riding for fun.

FB Stables
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A brilliant choice for those who seek leisure or sports riding, FB Stables is among the most trust-worthy stables in Cairo.

Horse Academy
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The academy’s goal is to improve the training level of young generations as well as strengthen their bonds with other riders to get accustomed to the course regulations, and get ready for official competitions. You can also go for a spontaneous ride.

Rekab Khana Riding Center
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A great center for leisure riding and professional training, Rekab Khana Riding Center is an optimal choice for horseriding.

Ride Egypt
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Offering classes and sessions for very competitive prices, Ride Egypt is a go-to choice for leisure riding and training.

Sakkara Country Club
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Sakkara Country club offers both sessions out in the desert for the ultimate Egyptian experience, as well as sessions on track for a more affordable price.