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Caesars Casino
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Available for any adult holding an international passport, Caesars Casino includes a VIP hall and private salons for customers who prefer to play in the privacy of a more luxurious environment. The casino offers a diverse gaming experience with reportedly the highest table maximums and the highest slot jackpots in the city.

Casino Barrière El Gezirah
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Situated on the Grand Mezzanine level, Casino Barrière El Gezirah offers a range of games that include five American roulette and blackjack tables, along with several poker tables to keep gamers busy. The casino has 35 reel slot machines and video poker machines, all of which are complemented with a discreet ‘Salon Privé’, where guests can enjoy complete privacy.

Casino Semiramis
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Casino Semiramis features fancy interiors with well-appointed gaming tables and platforms for all the guests’ gambling needs. At the casino, guests can enjoy roulette, blackjack, Punto Banco, among other games. Food and beverages are offered to patrons on the house as they play, while a welcoming bar and TV lounge area are available for visitors to watch live sporting events while relaxing with a drink.

Casino Vegas
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This casino takes gambling lovers to Las Vegas without stepping foot outside Cairo. Casino Vegas offers a unique experience for players of poker, American roulette and blackjack among other gambling pursuits. A considerable number of slot machines take up a good chunk of the gaming floor, diversifying the guests’ gaming environment to test their luck however they wish.

Cedars Casino
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Open 24/7 to cater to night owl residents with a penchant for gambling, Cedars Casino offers 20 gaming machines and eight gaming tables for American roulette, poker and blackjack all under one roof. Every guest is treated as a VIP, whereas the staff is well-trained and ready to attend to their visitors within a glance.

Conrad Casino
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An elegant casino with a well-appointed ‘Salon Privé’ for its exclusive clientele who wish to stay in the privacy of an isolated room, Conrad Casino is always busy from midnight until six in the morning, especially during the summer. Free drinks, delicious snacks and rooms are offered to customers, with a wide array of games available.

Kings And Queens Casino
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While the casino is located in a venue that makes its visitors feel like royalty, Kings and Queens is Hilton Cairo Heliopolis’ reputable gaming floor, designed to regale its guests with a taste of the namesake’s electric atmosphere. A variety of casino games are available to eligible guests, including roulette, blackjack, plenty of gaming slots, among others.

Le Passage Casino
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Le Passage is a typical Casino with international standards, offering a myriad of gambling games to play with the assistance of professional dealers that maximise the fun. Guests can try their luck at blackjack, American roulette and poker; or by using one of the many slot machines on the premises. A set menu and a range of complimentary drinks are also presented.

Midway Casino
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Located in Concorde El Salam Hotel in the heart of East Cairo, the Midway Casino caters to every punter's needs, with its prime location and its friendly staff. They offer all the classics, ranging from jackpot slots and American roulette to blackjack and poker live table games.

Nile City Casino
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Fairmont Nile City never fails to impress with its casino standards. Its 24/7 Nile City Casino presents a compelling range of choices for different gaming facilities. While the gaming floor enjoys a friendly atmosphere and offers a high quality gaming experience, the casino also boasts a private gaming lounge available for exclusive visitors.

Omar Khayyam Casino
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Set in one of Cairo’s top hotel destinations, Omar Khayyam Casino is widely considered one of the most frequently attended casinos by the expat community for its international calibre and extensive array of gaming options. Gamers can enjoy blackjack, Stud-Poker and roulette, along with a range of challenging slot machines.

Radjah Grand Casino
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A typical and cosy gaming experience for those who love to test their luck, Radjah Grand Casino offers its guests the usual slot machines, poker, American roulette and blackjack. Playing customers may also enjoy free beverages from the well-equipped bar to quench their thirst for gambling and delicious cocktails en route to winning more opportunities.

Ramses Casino (London Club Cairo)
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Ramses is a casino with a touch of class, suitable for elites who hold an international passport and seek a luxurious gaming experience. Patrons have access to typical gambling games including American roulette, blackjack, Punto Banco, Stud-Poker, and lots of slot machines. ‘Club Privé’ is also available for those who prefer to play in more discreet surroundings.