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Ahram Scan
0 review

A reputable centre with a reliable staff, offering swift and trust-worthy service.

Alfa Scan
0 review

Offering multiple medical imaging services, Alfa Scan is an excellent radiology centre with reliable certified staff.

Cairo Cure (Cairo Oncology Center)
0 review

Cairo Cure's goal is to detect any signs of tumours or diseases at a stage when it can be easily treated, and that's what they do best.

Cairo Scan Radiology & Labs
0 review

A trust-worthy radiology center, boasting an attentive and helpful staff.

Dokki Scan
0 review

With helpful certified staff and a great service, Dokki Scan is one of the best radiology centres in Egypt.

Fibro Scan Center
0 review

A well-equipped centre with a ceritifed staff and swift service.

Misr Radiology Center (MRC)
0 review

With an excellent reputation that precedes it, Misr Radiology Center is where you can get reliable scans from certified professionals.

Misr Scan
0 review

Misr Scan is considered one of the most reliable radiology centres in the capital for its knowledgeable staff and swift service.

Nile Scan & Labs
0 review

With an abundance of branches all over the capital, Nile Scan & Labs offers medical imaging with top-notch equipment run by certified professionals.

Seha Scan & Lab
0 review

Seha Scan & Lab is an excellent choice for radiology scans and medical imaging.

Sigma Scan
0 review

A trust-worthy center where service is swift and the certified professionals are more than helpful.

Tahra Radiology Scan
0 review

Tahra is a scan centre, lab and physical therapy centre, boasting great service and reliable staff.

TechnoScan (Osama Khalil)
0 review

TechnoScan is a certified radiology center where service is swift the staff is professional.

Women Health TechnoScan (Osama Khalil)
0 review

Women HealthTechnoScan is a certified radiology center where service is swift the staff is professional.