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Shadowy palm-lined beaches, Mediterranean waves and the glowing colors of Bedouin crafts mark this northern coastal town. It is the ideal place for a peaceful vacation for those who seek to explore new horizons.

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This ‘pearl of the gulf’ consists of the Bedouin village of Aslah in the south, and the tourist hot spot of El Masbat in the north. It is an amazingly peaceful destination with swaying palms, fine sand, friendly dolphins and wonderful diving opportunities.

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Stretches over an extensive coast with an amazing sea front. It can be divided into three main parts, namely the Port of Nuweiba, Nuweiba City which has an authentic bazaar and touristic shops; and Tarabin, which is the real party area of Nuweiba.

Ras Sudr
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A small town located south of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, which connects mainland Egypt to Sinai. There are a number of fine resorts with a great sea front - popular retreats for Cairenes.

Sharm El Sheikh
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One of the most accessible, popular and developed touristic resorts on the Sinai Peninsula. Besides its superb diving facilities, it has some of the best nightspots in Egypt (Little Buddha, Pacha and Hard Rock Cafe to name a few) as well as some truly spectacular hotels.

St. Catherine
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Locally known as ‘Moses Mountain’, Mt. Sinai is about 3 hours away from Sharm El Sheikh. Practically all of its visitors venture a climb of over 200 stairs just to see the unforgettable sunrise. St. Catherine’s Monastery is another major attraction in the area, but it is closed on special days like Easter and Christmas.

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A meeting point of borders, overlooking the lands of Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia. It has a great seafront and diving at its five star hotels is a must try. The border to Eilat can be crossed on foot or by car.