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Known as the Egyptian St.Tropez, Agami was traditionally an exclusive resort where elite Cairenes and Alexandrians vacationed. Today it also caters to the middle classes and is very popular with the trendy youth during the summer months. Most will stay at their own residences or rent a flat. Hotel options are few.

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Known as ‘The Pearl of the Mediterranean’; Alexandria the second largest city in Egypt with an atmosphere that’s rather European / Mediterranean than Middle Eastern. Its ambience and cultural heritage diverge it from the rest of the country although it’s only 225 kms away from Cairo. Hotel options are numerous.

Marina and Alamein
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Marina is one of the most popular destinations on the North Coast with a great Mediterranean seashore where one can enjoy numerous water sports. Nightlife in the area is blooming more and more every season. Hacienda Bay, La Vista Bay and Marassi are some of the other exclusive destinations to visit on the North Coast. Alamein, on the other hand, is famous for its history dating back to WW2. Tombstones and land mines left by British, French and Italian troops are living proof of this history. It also boasts a great seafront.

Marsa Matrouh
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Marsa Matrouh is located 290 km west of Alexandria and 222 km from Salloum. It lies on a bay on the Mediterranean Sea and is distinguished by its 7 km long beach, which - as all visitors have testified – is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It offers various compounds and resorts, and you can always opt for renting an apartment.