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Al Borg Laboratories
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Founded in 1991, with its headquarters in Egypt, Al Borg Laboratories is the first medical-laboratory company in the Middle East to implement an efficient hub-and-spoke business model, allowing it quickly to become the largest privately owned laboratory group in the region.

Al Mokhtabar Laboratories
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Al Mokhtabar is the largest private medical laboratory testing company in the Middle East, providing diagnostic laboratory services, pathological and clinical tests for medical communities in Egypt.

Alfa Laboratories
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Alfa Laboratories offer some of the best, most reliable services in their field.

Cairo Scan Radiology & Labs
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A trust-worthy radiology center and lab, boasting an attentive and helpful staff.

Labmed Egypt
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Labmed Egypt Laboratories are unique joint venture of Cairo Scan Company and the German partner Labmed Dortmund GmbH Laboratories. They bring the most skilled professionals in the field, together with cutting-edge technology under one roof to ensure the highest standards of quality care for you.

NSA Diagnostic Laboratory
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NSA Diagnostic Laboratory has been operating since 1958, founded by Prof. Nasseh Amin. NSA is considered as one of the most advanced labs in Egypt.

Saridar Lab
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Saridar Lab was established with the aim to keep pace with the international conventions and modern techniques at the world of medical laboratories.

Seha Scan & Lab
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One of the highest-rated laboratories and radiology centres in the Capital.

Sigma Lab
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A trust-worthy center where service is swift and the certified professionals are more than helpful.