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Austrian Cultural Forum Center
0 review

The official Austrian cultural centre is where you can learn the language, immerse yourself in the country’s traditions, and learn how to immigrate to Austria.

Balassi Institute Cairo (Hungarian Culture Center)
0 review

Other than the right place to learn the origin country’s language and traditions, the institute also hosts a number of events that immerse attendees in Hungarian culture.

Canadian Cultural Center
0 review

Whether you’re looking to ameliorate your language or learn more on how to immigrate to Canada, Canadian Cultural Center is the place to be.

Chinese Cultural Center
0 review

A great place to learn about the culture, language and immerse yourself Chinese tradition as well as history.

Egyptian Center for Culture & Arts (Makan)
0 review

This place will make you feel out of this world; it’s like a time machine that takes you through the old and golden times of Egypt. Reservation is preferable.

Egyptian Center for International Cultural Cooperation
0 review

A haven for international culture and world events, Egyptian Center for International Cultural Cooperation is where you get to learn about a myriad of traditions around the world.

El Sawy Cultural Wheel
0 review

A place where the best shows, concerts and exhibitions happen, El Sawy Cultural Wheel is a beacon of international culture in Cairo.

French Cultural Center
0 review

Learn the sensual language and immerse yourself in the origin country’s romantic culture at the French Cultural Centers in Cairo.

Goethe Institute
0 review

Goethe Institute is where you can learn the German language by the best teachers in the city, and learn more about how to immigrate to Germany and do’s and don’ts if you’re going for a visit.

Greek Cultural Center
0 review

Green Cultural Center is a great place to start if you’re looking for professionals to teach you Greek and more about the country’s culture and traditions.

Instituto Cervantes El Cairo (Spanish Cultural Centre)
0 review

As one of the best places in Cairo to head to if you’re looking to become fluent in Spanish, this Spanish cultural centre is where you can get your hands on professional immersive language-learning experience.

Italian Cultural Center
0 review

The best and only place to learn about Italian arts as well as the country’s culture and beautiful language.

Japanese Cultural Center
0 review

Offering various courses and a myriad of programs to immerse you in the language and culture, Japanese Cultural Center is where to head before that trip to Japan.

Japanese Foundation
0 review

Japanese Foundation is a great option for those who want to learn Japanese and be taught more about the origin country’s traditions.

Jordanian Cultural Center
0 review

Jordanian Cultural Center introduces you to Jordan in a light you don’t usually see firsthand.

Korean Culture Center
0 review

A brilliant choice for anyone looking to pick on the Korean language from bilingual as well as native professionals.

Maulana Azad Center for Indian Culture (MACIC)
0 review

A colourful center in its teachings and programs, Maulana is the place to be to learn about India’s language and traditions.

Netherlands - Flemish Institute
0 review

An academic reference library, the goal of it is to support academic research in general and the teaching programs of the NVIC in the fields of Arabic studies and Egyptology. The library contains a considerable collection of periodicals as well as Egyptia

Pro Helvetia Cairo (Swiss Cultural Center)
0 review

This Swiss Cultural Center is the only one of its kind in Cairo, offering a myriad of programs and courses to teach you the language and traditions of the origin country.

Russian Cultural Center
0 review

Russian Cultural Center is ideal for anyone looking to learn Russian from natives, as well as learn about the best ways to travel for immigration or leisure.

The American Center Cairo (ACC)
0 review

One of the best places to learn the language and culture of the U.S, The American Center Cairo offers daily programs to learn about American policy, society and values.

The British Council
0 review

Learn proper English by the best teachers in the country at the only UK international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities in Cairo.

Turkish Cultural Center
0 review

The right place to be if you’re looking to learn more about Turkish culture, including learning the language by professionals and meeting others with the same interest in a friendly community.