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AlMasar Gallery
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A vibrant and unique art gallery located in Baehler's Mansion in Zamalek island showcasing the works of Egypt's most pioneering contemporary artists.

Art Corner Gallery
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Handpicked paintings are displayed at this sophisticated art gallery in Zamalek.

Art Talks
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Art Talks is where art and self-expression meet in this gallery that displays the best of self-espressive masterpieces.

Cairo Opera House Art Gallery
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Cairo Opera House is known for exhibiting the best of contemporary artists from Egypt and abroad.

Earth Gallery
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Earth Gallery

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This gallery showcases Earth Murals, which are are genuine ethnic designs with the mission of creating a common language of art to be read from all around the globe.

Egyptian Center for International Cultural Cooperation
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Managed and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, and though small, this gallery’s displays are worthwhile as they feature various forms of art: visual, dance, musical performances, and video screenings.

Falaki Theatre & Gallery
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A variety of exhibitions are shown at this gallery, where both students and professional artists show their works of art.

Gezira Art Center
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Gezira Art Center exhibits masterpieces by Egyptian artists, leaving you constantly coming back for more.

Gypsum Gallery
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Gypsum Gallery displays international contemporary art from various artists in the Middle East.

Karim Francis Contemporary Art Gallery
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Located within a pedestrian area of downtown Cairo, this gallery is a unique venue where paintings and sculptures are exhibited. Karim Francis continually discovers, encourages, and promotes the achievement of Egyptian artists, past and present, including

Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art
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Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art showcases exhibitions by artists from around the world, both famous and up and coming ones. All forms of art are displayed including paintings, photography, and pottery.

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Medrarsets the stage for artists seeking to have extensive conversations and collaborations with their peers to develop their purpose as active contemporary artists, thus creating a more dynamic and inspirational movement.

Safar Khan Art Gallery
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Safakhran Art Gallery displays beautiful paintings for those who are passionate about art, as well as soul-readers seeking to find themselves in oil paintings.

Salama Gallery
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Salama is an art exhibition gallery managed by an artistic family, displaying artworks of various Egyptian artists.

The Townhouse Gallery
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Townhouse is a non-profit art space located in Downtown Cairo. The center hosts exhibitions as well as programs for a myriad of activities, including writing and crticism.

Ubuntu Art Gallery
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This gallery specialises in contemporary Egyptian artworks and modern Egyptian art, with an aim to promote both young emerging talent and established artists

Zamalek Art Gallery
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Zamalek Art Gallery specializes in the promotion of contemporary Art in Egypt, hosting a series of monthly exhibitions for the most prominent and eccentric of artists.