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Bassam Ashoub
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Bassem Ashoub's makeup studio is where fashionistas head for a makeover before their big event.

Dina Dimitry
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Dina Dimitry

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An internationally renowned makeup artist, Dina Dimitry's techniques are famed for being natural strokes that accentuate every face's unique contours and curves.

Dina Ragheb
0 review

Dina Ragheb is known for her elegant makeup touches that range from natural looks to fabulous glam.

Maha Youssef
0 review

Maha Youssef's techniques impressively range from natural touches to optical illusions. The talented makeup artist blends her techniques with her clients' face shapes to bring out the best version of themselves.

Mai Ayman
0 review

An internationally certified makeup artist from London Makeup Institute, Mai Ayman knows how to amalgamate between her own techniques and international trends.

Marwa Abaza
0 review

Marwa Abaza's makeup studio is a go-to for gals who want to get glammed up before an event.

Mira ElFeky
0 review

Mira ElFeky is a queen of makeup transformations, offering makeovers that bring out the best of your natural beauty.

Mohamed Abdelhamid
0 review

A certified award-winning makeup artist, Mohamed Abdelhamid keeps up with the latest makeup trends in the international scene and beautifully incorporates his own touches to create a seamless finish.

Noheir Darwish
0 review

A professional makeup artist, Noheir Darwish is a brilliant choice for anyone looking to glam-up before a big day.

Zeina El Naggar
0 review

A bridal and celebrity makeup artist, Zeina El Naggar is where your favourite divas head before hitting the red carpet.