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Abou Ghaly
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A popular seafood restaurant in a nice setting, seating up to 150 people, Abou Ghaly is known for its high standards in service and food – all for affordable prices. The menu includes fresh fish, calamari, eel, oysters and shrimps; satisfying any hunger pangs as well as catering to a myriad of tastes. We love all their squid dishes.

Blue Seas
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Aboard the stunningly situated Blue Nile Boat lies the intimate locale, Blue Seas. This restaurant offers fresh seafood with a unique twist. Their international cuisine and cutting edge culinary techniques make for an unforgettable gastronomic experience, which is beautifully complemented with the panoramic Nile views. The venue’s guests also get to enjoy in-house music alongside their delicious dishes.

El Borg
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An old seafood establishment known for its fresh fish dishes, El Borg is a priceless gem. Two of its signature offerings are the Rose El Borg, a mouthwatering dish of calamari and shrimps, and their infamous seabass with cream sauce. As a cosy and casual dining spot, this restaurant is perfect for friendly group outings.

Fish Market
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Fish Market is where you can select the catch you want, while enjoying a compelling variety of sea delicacies. The starters are tasty, while the main courses are satisfying. A common complaint would be their higher price range compared to their counterparts, while their loyal customers attest to their top-notch ingredients and delicious platters. The impeccable service and friendly waiters add to the experience. We recommend their fried squid.

Flying Fish
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With a cosy atmosphere and a well-appointed staff, the dining experience at Flying Fish is always up to par. They often have a professional oud player for entertainment, adding a nice Oriental touch to the ambience. Their fried calamari and grilled lobster are among common favourites.

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Gandofli is an old-school seafood place with a modest air that makes it one of the best down-to-earth restaurants in Cairo. Famous for its special Gandofli (clams and oysters), the menu also has a variety of seafood dishes including a myriad of delicious soups. The atmosphere is serene, clean and bright; giving it a friendly and unpretentious feel. Their clam platters are delicious.

Halaket El Samak
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One of the finest seafood restaurants in Cairo with great service, Halaket El Samak is a must-try. Though price ranges are a bit higher than its contemporaries, this is overall counterbalanced by its unbeatable value for money. Their shrimp dishes are absolutely delicious! Though walk-ins are welcome Sunday to Thursday, reservation on the weekend is highly recommended.

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An originally Alexandrian seafood outlet that has easily garnered the success which has expanded its chain to Cairo, Kadoura is a lovely joint offering delicious food and exceptional service. Being a common favourite among Egyptian families, Kadoura is usually busy and not for those seeking quietude. Their bass fish platter is a tasty treat.

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Kastan offers a wide selection of seafood, including fish, eel, lobster, crab and shrimp in a casual setting. An added perk to this otherwise typical joint is how customers can choose the way their seafood is prepared, and add the personalised touch they favour. A must-try is their seafood soup.

La Sirena
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Despite its small size, La Sirena is a cosy restaurant specialised in delicious seafood cuisine. It’s deemed a hidden gem by many, and concocts its tasty dishes with the freshest of ingredients, making it one of the few underrated seafood outlets in Cairo. Among our favourite is their signature dish, La Sirena Sayadeia Tajine.

Malek El Gambary
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Malek El Gambary seafood restaurant is situated in the heart of Shoubra, far from the usual circuits of Cairo’s dining scene. Despite being located in a typically down-to-earth setting, it is nonetheless known as one of the best places for seafood in the city. For those who value setting and ambience, their Mokattam branch is a better choice. Their shrimp and crab dishes are delightful.

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Ocea enjoys a luxuriously elegant setting, a lovely ambience and a variety of indoor and outdoor seating areas that cater to different groups. With live evening performances starring different touring artists, Ocea’s lively atmosphere adds to its charm. Their service is excellent and their food is rich and delectable. The shrimp risottos and salmon steaks are unrivalled delights.

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A small fish restaurant enjoying a humble and cosy setting; Samakmak is a clean, decent eatery on a side street with a small open-air area, catering to those in the mood for affordable seafood in a down-to-earth setting. Specialties include fresh and well-seasoned fried and grilled fish.

Sea Horse Club
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One of the first seafood venues to open in Cairo along the Nile, Sea Horse Club was once a couples’ haven for a lunch in the sun or dinner in the romantic outdoor and indoor areas. Though younger crowds and groups have also joined its loyal crowd, the restaurant remains a clean and stylish spot with a stunning view.

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Seagull offers the best and freshest Alexandrian seafood cuisine as well as a refreshing view of the Nile. Boasting a diverse a la carte menu, customers with even the most refined palates can have their pick from the fresh seafood selection. Their fried squid is delicious.