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Who Are We?

Proudly established in 2003 by Insight Publishing House Ltd. UK, the dynamic Best of Cairo team has been working day and night to represent, in print form, a true Cairene perspective on everything the city has to offer. Now we’re also just a click away with great ideas for places to go, things to do and where to shop in the evergrowing capital.

What Do We Do?

Offering useful recommendation on accommodation options, travel information and an extensive list of sights and events, our website caters to locals and tourists looking to enjoy a satisfying stay in the centre as well as a short getaway outside the city.

We also cater to those with an insatiable penchant for adventure, always seeking new things to do and high-rated spots to explore. If you cannot decide where to go, take a look at our reviews, ratings and recommendations; and our meticulous evaluations will surely guide you to your ideal location.

Why Choose Us?

We care what you think and want you to be part of our BOC family by contributing and sharing your own Cairo experience. Check out our user reviews or become a reviewer and earn points to win vouchers and free dinners! You can learn more about how to become a reviewer, our reviewer badges - and much more - by taking a look at our FAQ page.

Who Is Oli?

Oli is our opinionated owl, who stops at nothing when it comes to giving his brutally honest opinion. Be it good or bad - Oli will put it out there for you.

Oli goes around town to explore Cairo’s destinations and places his own rating stars, leaving a sticker saying “Oli was here”, accentuating that his reviews and opinions are firsthand and unaffected.

Outlets have been warned that Oli holds high standards and he will not be held back if anything he encounters is not up to par. Until the venue has corrected or dealt with their mishap appropriately, he will continue to report it in brutal honesty. This is not to discourage anyone’s efforts, but is an attempt to raise the bar of hospitality and service to simply bring Cairenes the very best of the city. Oli’s affinity for perfectionism also champions those who abide by international caliber as well as those who truly shine and deserve the praise.

Of course, quality comes at a price, which Oli will keep you posted about. Price ranges and value for money ratings will all be included.

Our most prestigious reviewers can be promoted to become our incognito Oli representatives in the myriad of fields our website has to offer. To read more about Oli and what he has to offer, kindly refer to our FAQ page.

Further Information & Policies

We value accuracy and are always open to feedback and constructive criticism. If you have any comments, complaints or questions, kindly contact us with your concerns. To learn more about our policies, please visit here. (LEGAL & POLICIES)

The Team:

Our diverse team comprises talents from various areas of expertise; their one goal is to provide a comprehensive guide as well as brutally honest reviews of both popular and underrated spots and services in Cairo. To help residents make the most of the ever-growing capital, our team seeks to help Cairenes and tourists alike discover the true urban potential of the city.


Nina Yowakim

The Boss

Boasting a BA in IMC from AUC, double majoring in journalism and advertising and minoring in psychology, Nina is the Editor-in-Chief of the Egyptian major web portals and publications, Best of Cairo and Insight Magazine. Although her deep kindness and compassion for animals render her most prominent feature, it’s not uncommon to see her unleash her wrath over an oxford comma or a typo.


Nancy Yowakim

The Brains

Nancy is a civil and architectural engineer with an eye for detail and zero tolerance for mistakes. As the Managing Director that keeps Best of Cairo and Insight Magazine on their feet, her high standards can sometimes leave her frustrated. But, it is those expectations that have given our company the needed push to boast high calibre.


Ramez Selim

Our Saviour

A chip off the old block and another mastermind with a BSc from AUC in Structural Engineering, Ramez has recently joined our patrol team and successfully compels everyone to reach their full potential…or else.


Mayar El-Shamy

The Shakespeare

With a BA in English Literature, Mayar manages the editorial departments at Best of Cairo and Insight Magazine. Aside from being a finicky critic and a mother to a cat, her favourite part of socialising is cancelling plans to stay in bed with her Kindle and fur baby.


Bahaa Italy

The Quality Controller

Bahaa is our Creative Director, whose creativity goes beyond the limits of graphic design and into the intricate art of snarky sarcasm and hilariously clever insults. With two BA degrees in Mass Communication and Law respectively, alongside a diploma in Film Making, he’s also our go-to for everything media-related.


Dalia Ali Hegazy

The Beauty

Dalia is an energetic Senior Graphic Designer holding a Mass Communications BA with focus on PR and Advertising. She loves the colour black, and shopping is her thing. Her dedication to her career in graphic design is impressively undeterred by our constant pressure to hire her as our fashion model.


From maintaining the accuracy of Best of Cairo’s content and consistently updating our extensive lists, to making sure the user interface is smooth and easy to use; our contributors’ great efforts cannot be left out partly because of their seamless work, and more importantly because we continue to overwhelm them with piles of new updates to take care of in order to deliver the quality content you deserve.


Ahmed Barakat

Our Pro Photographer

Ahmed is an award-winning photographer who has always been by our side whenever we needed him. As an internationally recognised artist, his masterpieces have been displayed in numerous galleries across the globe – from South Korea, Japan and china, all the way to Italy, Germany, and Kuwait. Some of his picturesque generic shots of Cairo and mouthwatering food pictures adorn our Best of Cairo home page and sections.


Eman Desouki

The Face of BOC in events

Eman is the face of Best of Cairo and Insight Magazine. Her outgoing personality, quirky-chic fashion and exceptional makeup skills are what she’s best known for.


Eylül Ener El Maghraby

The Suffering Fact-checker and Info-merger

Coming from Istanbul, Turkey, Eylül married into the Cairene life two years ago and is gladly sharing with us her experiences in the city as a former tourist and a current expat. Her efforts and meticulous checking and re-checking has kept her awake nights to ensure you are never lost looking for a worthy place to go to in Cairo.


Nahla El Gendy

The Communications Geek

Nahla always finds the perfect way to express herself and communicate with the world through beautifully descriptive words. She’s also a traveler, explorer, and a communications geek. If a fashion house, a new club or a cafe have just opened and are worth a review or a thumbs up - Nahla is sure to let us know.


Mai Samiry

Our former Data Collector

Mai is in her mid-twenties and still has no idea what she wants to do with her life. She runs wild in the advertising field -jumping from one cool creative idea to the next- awaiting the next big breakthrough.


Menna Helmy

Our former Data Collector

Menna is an enthusiastic and cheerful soul who tries to carry on with life at its fullest and never miss anything. She’s otherwise known as the Diva.


Myrna Emad

Our Gestapo

Myrna is a life lover, a reader, a traveler (at least this is what she likes to call herself), and the kind of person who sings and dances in the car like crazy. She’s our former undercover sheriff who made sure everything was going according to plan. Without her hard work - we may have seen the light a lot later than this!


Sandra Samir

The Data Collector

Sandra wakes up every morning excited to fight with her little monkey girl to begin her working day as a Data Collector – but only after enjoying her yummy breakfast.


Aya Mostafa

The Designer

Aya specialises in graphic design, specifically book illustrations and advertisements. She has a strong passion for painting abstract art, believing that every individual should curate an artistic version of their life with their favourite colour palette. She enjoys shopping and food – namely family-sized pizzas.


Dina Mohamed Fawzy Mosa

The Data Collector

Dina is our Editorial Executive, who knows how to excavate hidden gems and exclusive scoops. With a BA in Translation and a passion for literature and writing, her motto in life is “believe in yourself.”

Top Reviwers:

Because we cannot offer you the best the city has to offer without going back to the experts, we insisted on including them as part of our team and we wouldn’t take no for an answer. Our Expert Reviewers range from the city’s most popular foodies and socialites, to nightlife dwellers and mystery shoppers, and even a few fashionistas who carry out first hand quality checks to ensure styles, aesthetics, locations and services qualify as some of the best the capital offers.


Melisse Horhoryan and Shahan Terzibashian (Cairo Foodie Couple)

The Cutest Foodies and Oli’s favourites as well

Melisse and Shahan are our go-to foodies when we’re looking to try something a little eccentric. Shahan (an Armenian from Egypt) married Melisse (an Armenian from Turkey) and formed a duo with a thirst for beauty, quality and good taste. They thrive to introduce their followers to palatable adventures you never knew existed, right here in Egypt!


Mido Barsoum (Mido Eats)

Our Favourite Foodie

Mido’s hunger for knowledge (and food) has no boundaries. He is always immersing himself in the latest food-related reads, events and cooking classes, which eventually led him to start a dedicated food blog famously known as ‘Mido Eats.’


Naira Ellamei (Taste and Tell)

Our Second Favourite Foodie

After joining the Culinary Arts Training Program and making her way to becoming a certified professional chef alongside her PR career, Naira’s Instagram ‘Taste and Tell’ got viral. Now you can see her hosting online cooking shows and participating in major series such as ‘The Taste.’


Peter Farag

Our Partner in Crime where clubbing, partying and traveling is concerned

If he ain’t there - it ain’t happening! Peter loves to try everything and to be everywhere. He never experiences FOMO (fear of missing out) - simply because he never misses out on a chance to party all night and all day. Sleep is not in his books (although once a week he might remember to shut an eye - just to be able to party all over again).